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Jay Cravath Ph.D

Jay Cravath is a writer, composer and scholar in the field of music, southwest history and Indigenous studies. His original music has been included in such documentaries as
“1000 Years of Song: the Apache,” which he co-produced (over 300,000 views on Youtube), and “Love is a Child.” He received The sound design award from Zaki Gordon Institute for his film score to “The Life of Will Mezzo.” His poetry has been published in various magazines. As a member of Arizona Humanities  AZ Speaks since 1990 Dr J crafts articles and programs that include stories and performance. He has often been the most requested speaker in a given year, with his programs described as “scholarship with a zing!” His publications include North American Indian Music, The Mohave Book for Little Ones (available through this website) and The Wisdom of Blood—serialized here. Dr J and the Botanicals is his new band—Indie folk, Latin and ballads. For booking related to his presentations or music go to


Jay Cravath Ph.D.

6130 Tuscon Estates Pkwy

Tucson, AZ 85713

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