Jay Cravath Ph.D

Jay Cravath is a writer, composer and scholar in the field of music, southwest history and Indigenous studies. His original music has been included in such documentaries as
“1000 Years of Song: the Apache,” which he co-produced (over 300,000 views on Youtube), and “Love is a Child.” He received The sound design award from Zaki Gordon Institute for his film score to “The Life of Will Mezzo.” His poetry has been published in various magazines. As a member of Arizona Humanities  AZ Speaks since 1990 Dr J crafts articles and programs that include stories and performance. He has often been the most requested speaker in a given year, with his programs described as “scholarship with a zing!” His publications include North American Indian Music, The Mohave Book for Little Ones (available through this website) and The Wisdom of Blood—serialized here. Dr J and the Botanicals is his new band—Indie folk, Latin and ballads. For booking related to his presentations or music go to cravath@gmail.com.


Jay Cravath Ph.D.

6130 Tuscon Estates Pkwy

Tucson, AZ 85713