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A Rose

A Rose will open shadow
I reach without touch
Your voice overcomes me
Distance is like stars
You make me hungry to see
Like swimming minnows
Confused in darkness 
In rivers too deep to dream

I love what I cannot reach
Imagine slow yawning clouds
Want for scattered rock beaches
Waves insistent, yearning, as they must

Your silence cuts like cold nights
Still, the breeze calms, comforts
Night carries your glow, a constellation
Searching in the weathered sky
You have not yet been named

The strings of rustling moments
Torment me as waiting indifference
Stilled wild horses 
Crushed in ragged corrals
Pinned like moths against screens

Come back walking slowly
You are an apparition in shadow
Let me wake to you, breathe forest 
Light shows only furtive lies
Prove your restless and beautiful truth
Show your full awakening light

Moonlight is silence waiting
Darkness is distance to be measured
Sunset is my only hope
And you my only longing


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