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Boulder Creek Pool

The creek in this desert canyon seeks clarity
Like the preening cat, her watery fur is cleansed by rock paws
Whiskers of mesquite and sage twitch in shifting light
White Coconino cliffs rise to catch the failing sun

The easy turning of pure coolness is its tumbling
Through a stone maze—purring to skittish waves of a pool
The sylph stretches out her liquid form, serene, inviting the touch
I tasted her beckoning—once in the high sun

After following a twisting trail with too much in my pack
Boots off, I plunged into the collected blue
And felt the sudden unreasoning of a chilling womb
Rising to the surface, I lingered like a primordial newt

Deciding whether to evolve or remain in this animal world
Where the blood of life is revealed in strewn rocks and talking water
Within these playful breezes and metamorphic rest
The decision is less than straightforward

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